A Marine’s Promise

In another life, I’d been a ballroom champion and reality star Selena Marcil had been my partner. Our lives have gone our separate ways. Nothing left but childhood dreams and memories of first love.
Until I received the offer.

A letter from our former master coach bribing me with five thousand dollars a week to appear on one season of the hit show, Dancing under the Stars. My impulse is to reject it in a heartbeat. I have no desire for fame or fortune.

Except I made a promise once.

To a dying man. My best friend. I swore to him that I’d take care of his wife and kids if he passed away on the battlefield.

Fifty thousand dollars. For humiliating myself on national television, spending time with the woman who’d left me, losing my privacy, becoming the laughing stock of the Marine Corps. One season, ten weeks, a small sacrifice to make for the man who’d saved my life. Hand me my dance shoes.

I’m in. SSgt Bret Lord, USMC





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