Downward Dog

You’ve followed my Instagram, you’ve watched my sex tape, you think you know all about me.

I’m Kira Morgan. Television star turned tabloid kicking toy. I lost everything when the sex tape with my ex-boyfriend was leaked to the press by his shady best friend. Producers on my television show fired me, my boyfriend left me, and my reputation had gone to the dogs. Only my rescue beagle Lady has remained loyal to me.

When I meet Britain’s bad boy Prince Henry, I refuse to give him the time of the day. It doesn’t matter that he’s gorgeous, charming, compassionate, and rich. I won’t get involved in a high-profile relationship. All I want is my privacy.

But when he asks me to work at his charity fundraiser, I agree. All the money will go to save dogs, like my Lady, from laboratories.

One week and I never have to see this handsome, dirty-talking prince again.

I don’t want his diamond ring but I’m happy to play with his royal jewels.

I may want him but I can never be part of his life. I won’t allow myself to be labeled a Royal Bitch.




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