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Skin: A Navy SEAL Rockstar Romance

Marisol—Devin “DAX” Thomas left fame, fortune, and willing groupies behind to serve his country as a Navy SEAL.

Sleeping with this rock god years ago has come back to haunt me. He’s the father of my daughter, a child he never knew he had.

But I know his secrets. He’s hidden his past from his Team. I know the man he once was, the dreams he once shared with me.

I refuse to pretend he doesn’t miss his music. And I will never help him spin his lies into gold.

Dax—I was every schoolgirl’s fantasy until I walked away from that life.

But I never forgot Marisol.

She wasn’t a groupie—she was sweet, smart, and naturally beautiful.

The second I see her daughter, I know the truth. I’m a father.

I’ll do anything to get Marisol back. Make her trust me, love her, promise to never leave her again.

Being with her helps me remember the man I was before I took lives. I used to bring pleasure to the world through music, now I’m surrounded by pain.

But her knowledge of my past could ruin everything for me, make me a laughing stock of the Team.

All she has to do to ruin my life is tell the world my name.


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